Why We’re Not Over Sheryl Sandberg & Other News from the MBA Front

Commencement, graduation, convocation and class days are upon us, and right when we thought we were “so over” Sheryl Sandberg, she goes ahead and gives another killer graduation-style speech, this time at her alma mater, Harvard Business School. ”Your career is not a ladder,” she tells us, “it’s a jungle gym.”

Unfortunately this terrific speech not the only reason HBS has lately been in the news. We join the MBA community in mourning Nate Bihlmaier, to whom Sandberg also gives tribute, and send our thoughts to his classmates and the community for their tragic loss. Jon Byrne of Poets & Quants writes an excellent piece on just what happened, and why Nate was so great.

We hope you enjoy the coming summer season, and good luck to the recent grads.

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Photo courtesy of the World Economic Forum (Flickr).

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