This Email Got One Stanford GSB MBA a Job at Foursquare and Other Links We Love

Summer may be a slow season for MBA programs, but nevertheless there was a good amount news about business school last week.

Indeed, The New York Times printed a special issue about Grad Life, and we learned from Tristan Walker’s email to the founders of Foursquare that it’s persistence, not well-crafted epitomes, that can get an MBA a great job at a startup.

(1) This Email Got One Stanford GSB Student A Huge Job at Foursquare [SF Gate]

(2) SLIDESHOW: I Work for a Top MBA Employer [CNN Money]

(3) The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s: “Even the M.B.A., observed one business school dean, ‘is kind of too broad in the current environment.’” [New York Times higher ed special edition]

(4) How Khan Academy is Changing the Rules of Education [Wired]

(5) INFOGRAPHIC: Getting a Handle on Fixed Assets [Holy Kaw]

Photo courtesy GEOpdx [Flickr].

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