Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien and other links for “well-educated” people

Last week held the last of the graduations for the 2011 academic year. Speeches were given, jokes made, advice doled out. We would be remiss not to include a link to:

Stephen Colbert’s speech to the Northwestern graduates where he called Kellogg students “pimps.” (In the literal sense.) [YouTube]

And Conan O’Brien’s much-heralded speech to the Dartmouth Grads. Heraldry deserved. [MBAsocial Tweetdeck]

We’d also love to lift up the wise Chris Dixon’s recent post about graduates who spend time “climbing the wrong hill” (and why not to do it). [Chris Dixon’s blog]

We loved the at-a-glance tips on business cards:

INFOGRAPHIC: Dissecting the successful business card [Business Cards Online]

And from our friends at HerCampus, the very MBA-applicable:

Things We All Do On Facebook That No One Wants to Admit Tp. [HerCampus]

Finally, we were fascinated by:

Beer Cups Filled From the Bottom, [YouTube]

And this video of the week, which we’d like to call, “ways not to behave if you have a very good education.”

“I’m not a crazy person, I’m a very well-educated person.” [YouTube]

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