Is 32 too old to get an MBA? and other links we love

This was a fun week for news about MBAs – well, “MBAs” – and rich people. Check out what we tweeted and best things to talk about at MBA dinner parties this week.

Hot b-school topics

  • We don’t think 32 is too old. “BusinessWeek Forum Watch: Are you too old to get an MBA?” [BusinessWeek


  • Crazy cat girl fakes eHarmony [] video and says she has a Villanova MBA. But why Villanova? [CBS News]
  • Executives buy Navy Seal-trained German Shepherd dogs to guard their stuff. “For the Executive with Everything, A $230k Dog to Protect It” [New York Times]


  • Happy internship MBAs! “12 Successful People Who Started As Interns” [Business Insider]

Tips and wisdom

  • Even if you’re an active LinkedIn user, you probably haven’t used these 5 features. [INC Magazine]
  • Wisdom from a favorite Kellogg prof, Andrew Razeghi: Top 10 reasons your big idea is doomed (unless you do this) [Razeghi’s blog]

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