Why kindergartners make better entrepreneurs than MBAs and other links we love

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Happy Monday MBAs!

It was an eventful week at MBAsocial – capped by some of our contributors’ 1st Business School reunion – but today we bring you Ways To Be Better: at business portraits, entrepreneurship, academics, and roasting Donald Trump.


  1. 11 Tips for a Good Business Portrait [Pretty Young Professional]
  2. Why Kindergartners Make Better Entrepreneurs than MBAs: And How to Fix It [Forbes]
  3. [VIDEO] Obama takes on Trump..and More at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner [Huffington Post]
  4. Why Do Men Outperform Women at Harvard Business School? [CNN Money]
  5. MBAs Shift Focus Toward Entrepreneurship [US News]
  6. [PHOTO] of the week! [The Daily Kos]

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