MBA Style: Philip, Columbia Business School

Name: Philip David C., 2nd year

School: Columbia Business School

Major: We don’t have majors, but I am focusing on Finance and Entrepreneurship

Where did you work before business school? Consulting at Deloitte

What are you wearing? Cardigan (Quicksilver), T-shirt (2006 Bob Dylan European tour), Jeans (Levis), Shoes (Clarks), Bike (“my favorite accessory, it’s a custom-built, vintage Cinelli bike with 1982 Campagnolo components”)

What’s your style in three words? Bold, casual, personal

What do you want to be when you grow up? A food entrepreneur

What was the last thing you purchased? Black Camera Work T-shirt from the Met gift shop, made for an exhibit on early 20th century photographers

*     *     *

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Anri Wheeler is married to an alumnus of Columbia Business School. She is a pastry cook and food blogger, but is currently taking time off from both to raise her daughter.