America’s 10 Most Stressful Jobs and other links we love

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At MBAsocial, we tweet a lot.

But not everyone has the bandwidth [or patience!] to use Twitter, so we thought we’d start posting a selection of our favorite tweet links from the week, an idea we got while talking with our friends at

So, welcome, to links worth looking at!

  1. SLIDESHOW: America’s 10 Most Stressful Jobs [The Huffington Post]
  2. Stanford GSB prof Condoleeza Rice will appear on 30 Rock [CNN Politics]
  3. More female MBAs, but little gains for equal pay [Fortune]
  4. How strong is your network? (and how not to abuse it) [312 Digital]
  5. The story of an MBA immigration ordeal (how he lost a job and an IPO because of it) [Newsweek]
  6. Bloomberg Businessweek a new favorite of the design community [Women's Wear Daily]

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