Things to know before you go: Don’t believe relationship rumors

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Don’t believe the anti-relationship hype/rumors.

As soon as you start to mention to others that your partner has gotten into an MBA program, you’ll start to hear them…anecdotes and statistics about break-ups and divorces. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

Do divorces and break-ups happen during the MBA? Yes. But the relationships that end most likely had issues pre-MBA. Business school is an intense time, filled with new people, hard work, and lots of networking (a.k.a. an excuse to drink like you’re still an undergrad, for some). That said, like in any situation, people with similar interests find each other.

In our experience, being in a couple, we mostly hung out with other couples, and met some really wonderful ones who will be friends for life.  If you two are big partiers you’ll find other couples that want to do the same, and vice versa.

 Separations can happen at any time, but if you and your partner have a strong foundation going into the MBA, you should not have any reason to fear the worst.

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