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    Zach SupallaZach Supalla
    Zach Supalla is the founder of Hex Goods, and a 2nd year at the Kellogg School of Management. When he's not studying and entrepreneuring, Zach performs with The Captains of Industry, a top-40 cover band at Kellogg.
    Love in the HallsLove in the Halls
    Love in the Halls is a recent MBA graduate who found love at business school. L.I.T.H. enjoys helping people understand that keeping your relationship on the DL at the outset helps it grow in the business school environment.
    Esther ChoyEsther Choy
    Esther Choy is the Founder and President of the Leadership Story Lab, a mission-driven company focusing on combining the art of storytelling and science of persuasion. She teaches storytelling to institutional and individual clients who are searching for ways to make more meaningful connections with their audiences.
    Puja BaturaPuja Batura
    Puja is currently enrolled in the Part-Time Program at the Kellogg School of Management and works in Marketing at JPMorganChase.  She enjoys following fashion and style trends, and believes accessories are the best way to dress up any outfit.  She hopes to open up her own boutique one day.
    Ashly GryzbAshly Gryzb
    Ashly Grzyb was a significant other at Harvard Business School from 2009-2011. She served as the President of the Partners Club and wrote a column about partner life for the student newspaper, The Harbus. She lives with her husband of one year and their French bulldog in New York City.