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    Chris MotleyChris Motley
    Chris Motley is a graduate from the Kellogg School of Management and the founder of BetterWeekdays (www.betterweekdays.com), a leadership development and career enhancement tool designed exclusively for top-tier MBA professionals.
    Naomi Korb WeissNaomi Korb Weiss
    Naomi is the Director of Training for PresenTense, where she manages the venture development curriculum and recruits and trains SocialStart Trainers and Fellows in seven cities in North America. Her passions lie in meaningful Jewish engagement and organizational sustainability. Last year, Naomi co-founded a small business with a friend called 'We've Got You Covered,' marketing attractive, affordable headcoverings for married women.
    Adam KatzAdam Katz
    Adam Katz (@atomcats) is a Kellogg School of Management alum and digital nerd. He is a business and strategy consultant with a digital world view, and is working to make the Web better. He loves ideas, technology, postmodern literature, music, and witty banter.
    Zach SupallaZach Supalla
    Zach Supalla is the founder of Hex Goods, and a 2nd year at the Kellogg School of Management. When he's not studying and entrepreneuring, Zach performs with The Captains of Industry, a top-40 cover band at Kellogg.
    Sunny GrewalSunny Grewal
    This fall, Sunny will be attending Columbia Business School - known for its college sports and beautiful school building. He currently works at a healthcare startup and will spend the summer before matriculation trying extremely hard to become funnier by taking comedy classes.