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    Brady GervaisBrady Gervais
    Brady is a freelance writer who also runs the website Loving the Run (www.lovingtherun.com). When she’s not working, you can find her running, drinking coffee, or Tweeting @bgervais and @lovingtherun. She can be reached at brady.jean@gmail.com.
    Shailesh IngaleShailesh Ingale
    Shailesh is a second-year MMM student at the Kellogg School of Management. When he’s not buried in schoolwork, he is running, watching trashy comedies and deep documentaries, and cheering his beloved Redskins, Orioles, Illini and Red Wings. This fall, Shailesh will be taking his talents to the P&IP practice at Accenture.
    Joe VeverkaJoe Veverka
    As a contributing author for MBA Social, Joe Veverka will document his journey as both a student at DePaul and a father, so that others who are looking to balance their responsibilities in the classroom, their careers and their role as parents will have an outlet to identify with for both support and enjoyment. He look forward to sharing his journey and hopes you will enjoy it much the same.
    Serious BusinessSerious Business
    Serious Business is a 1st year at a school you've probably heard of after 5 years of working for a consulting firm you most likely haven't heard of. SB is here to chronicle her MBA adventures and share advice, tips, and anecdotes with an aim to help others adjust to the work-hard/play-hard whirlwind that is business school.
    Stacy BlackmanStacy Blackman
    Stacy Sukov Blackman launched her MBA admissions consulting company in 2001 and has since helped thousands of clients gain admission to the most selective business schools in the world, many with merit scholarships. Blackman is the author of "The MBA Application Roadmap: The Essential Guide to Getting Into a Business School," and has published a series of online guides which contain in depth guidance on how to develop essays for top business schools. Blackman has degrees from both the Wharton School and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.