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    Jennifer GootmanJennifer Gootman
    Jennifer Gootman is the Executive Director of Global Goods Partners and has more than ten years experience working with economic development and arts-focused nonprofits and social enterprises. She has been the deputy director of a New York-based think tank and magazine, the communications director of a nonprofit art gallery in New York, and designs and produces her own line of jewelry. Jennifer received an MBA with distinction from NYU Stern where she specialized in Finance and Social Innovation & Impact and a BA from Harvard University.
    Zach SupallaZach Supalla
    Zach Supalla is the founder of Hex Goods, and a 2nd year at the Kellogg School of Management. When he's not studying and entrepreneuring, Zach performs with The Captains of Industry, a top-40 cover band at Kellogg.
    Puja BaturaPuja Batura
    Puja is currently enrolled in the Part-Time Program at the Kellogg School of Management and works in Marketing at JPMorganChase.  She enjoys following fashion and style trends, and believes accessories are the best way to dress up any outfit.  She hopes to open up her own boutique one day.
    Anri WheelerAnri Wheeler
    Anri Wheeler is married to an alumnus of Columbia Business School. She is a pastry cook and food blogger, but is currently taking time off from both to raise her daughter.
    Farina SitumorangFarina Situmorang
    Farina Situmorang is a Kellogg School of Management alumna. Currently working as a tech marketer, she’s also an aggressive tweet-er (@missfword) and a laid-back blogger (www.thoughtprovocateur.com). She loves beautiful PowerPoint slides as much as she loves yummy kids’ cereal.